Early Birthday Present

My birthday is exactly a week away. I've been shopping around for ideas to give those who always ask for them, when I came across my new loves.
Every year for my birthday, my Dad and I go shopping and we always end up getting me a new pair of shoes. Because Winter seems to last forever in my neck of the woods, I usually pick out some sort of boot.
This year while pre-shopping for the big daddy/daughter day, I came across a clearanced out pair of leather Aldo booties that I knew wouldn't be on the shelf for long.
I couldn't wait a few more weeks and let someone else get the (slightly too large) boots of my dreams! I justified the size by saying I'd wear socks with them, and I will do just that.


They are my newest go-to shoe that I will be sporting all around Chi-Town this fall/winter.
I've been stuck inside studying and in class, so they haven't made their outside debut.
That doesn't mean I haven't been strutting my stuff down the catwalk *ahem* hallway in them.
Any new boots for you this year or are you sticking to your deliciously comfortable UGGS from last year?
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