Fall Fashion

The last drops of Summer are quickly slipping away, and my favorite season is just about here.
There's nothing I love more than being in an over-sized sweater and chunky socks on a cold Autumn day.
I've put together a few necessities for the upcoming season for you to check out.

Mint was one of the hottest colors for Spring, but I'm going to continue it into Fall for 2 reasons:
I love mint & I love this blazer.

Everyone needs a good trench in their lives. This one screams feminine with the front bow that I'm obsessed with.

On to the weekend looks. I love extra long jeans, boots, and sweaters. This casual/dressy look is perfect for strolling around the city on a blustery day.

The ultra casual, "I'm running to the grocery store" look is always needed. I love the simplicity of this look. This is something I could easily wriggle into every day.

And then there's the Burberry jacket. The pleats in the back sets this jacket so far above any others I've seen lately. It's pure perfection.

For those of you who are over the Aztec prints, sorry, but I'm not (yet, anyways). Now, I don't absolutely love this exact sweater, but if I happen to come across an over-sized, deliciously snuggly Aztec print, I'm going to take it home with me.

Knit socks! A must have for every cold day. These are perfect for wearing with boots or hanging by a fireplace.
My favorite thing about Fall is the smell of apples and the feeling of cool air while being snug and cozy in my warm clothes.
What is your must-have for this season?
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