Fabric Wall Art

A few weeks ago I made some canvas pictures that I ended up not loving, so I decided to go a different route.
I went to my safe haven, Hobby Lobby, & checked out the fabric.
My bedroom needed some sprucing up & I was in the mood to get something bright to do the trick.
I covered the canvases with fabric & VOILA!
I absolutely love the results.

What I used:
2 8x10 canvases ($3.99 for both at Hobby Lobby)
1/2 yard of fabric, which I definitely could have only used half of ($2.44)
Permanent fabric glue, not seam glue (somewhere around $2.00)

*Note: I cut my fabric in half before starting, but this 1/2 yard of fabric could have easily covered 2 additional canvases, so make cuts based on how many canvases you're using.
Turn the fabric face down & place the canvas in the center.
If you're going with a solid color, this is the easiest thing ever, but if you chose a pattern, make sure it will be perfectly straight up & down or across the canvas.
Unless you intentionally want the pattern to be slanted, this is important in order to love your new masterpiece!

Apply a liberal amount of fabric glue to one edge of the canvas.
Then pull that side of the fabric over the glue.
Now do it to the opposite side, pulling very tightly.

Now finish up by wrapping the fabric around the canvas as if the canvas is a present & the fabric is the wrapping paper.
Be sure to pull very tightly otherwise you'll see wrinkles in the fabric when it's finished.

Instructions on how to make the canvas in the middle are here.
You can go as big or as small as you'd like.
Since I was using left over canvases, I didn't really have a choice.
Now to find big, fluffy throw pillows for my bed that match that bright aqua color...

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