Cowboy Booties

Yesterday I got a big package in the mail & look at what was inside.

I didn't fall in love with the boots right away. They were $70 the first time I saw them. Not feeling in the mood to make Hubby twitch at the thought of me spending a bunch of money on shoes I didn't need, I just admired them as they sat on the shelf in the store.
But then, Express marked them down a little. I was cruising through the mall & saw that they were marked down to $29.
I thought, Meh, I have a pair of real cowboy boots that I spent waaaay too much on already & have only worn once.
About a week later, I gave in & took my mom to be a jury vote on whether or not $29 was worth it. They were sold out of my size, but they were an additional 30% off, making them $20.
Mom and I decided it wasn't meant to be, but I could always look online later to see if they were available in my size somewhere else.
Weeks had gone by & I had forgotten about the booties until I got an ad in the mail for a sale at Express.
I instantly remembered the boots & guess what?! They were marked down to $9.99 & they had my size!!
Because I'm not always observant, it took until I put them into my virtual cart & was ready to check out until I noticed "take additional 20% off".
I got these puppies for $6.99!!!!!

I feel like Super Shopper. I even mildly joked to J about becoming a professional shopper. He liked the idea much better when I added, "for someone else" at the end.

I believe the shoes are completely sold out, but Express is still having a HUGE sale. All of their clearance is an additional 20% off & it's all summer attire (perfect since it's going to be summer for another 2 months).
I hope you can find something for a steal!

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