Baked Potato/Baked Fries

I found a little inspiration on Pinterest this weekend.
I love potatoes. I love french fries. I love being healthy.
I found a baked potato recipe that ranks pretty high as far as being a combination of all three of these things.
It takes seconds to prepare and less than an hour to bake.

The slices in the potato make the outside crispy, while keeping the inside soft.
It's like eating french fries without all the guilt.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
Take a potato and slice it almost all the way through (I accidentally cut all the way through the first potato. Whoopsy!).
Place it on a baking tray.
Butter it up and drizzle on a little olive oil. Use your hands to rub it all over the potato, making sure to get it into the cracks.
I then sprinkled on basil, sea salt, and cracked pepper.
Pop it in the oven for 40-50 minutes or until the outside looks crispy, but not burned.

Mmmm so good!
Try dipping them in ketchup or ranch dressing.
Or better yet, sprinkle a packet of ranch dressing mix on before you bake, then dip in ketchup afterwards.
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