In 1963 in Villa Park, Dick Portillo opened up a rinky dink hot dog stand called The Dog House.
He used a garden hose for running water and had no bathroom.
Fast forward nearly 50 years, he changed the name and now has a few dozen locations around the Windy City, California, and Indiana.
I travelled back to Chicago this week, so I stopped in to judge the food for myself.

I went with the jumbo chili cheese dog...

And the jumbo hot dog...

For the full menu go here.
The menu is full of chicken, salads, and sandwiches, but it's a hot dog stand, so I'll stay true.
I can already see myself gaining hot dog weight. I'd go for a million more of each of these in the future.
The service is excellent. They get you in and out without pushing or rushing.

If you're in the area, check out one of the Portillo's locations.

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