David Broadway

My locks found themselves struggling to maintain health.
I made an appointment at David Broadway Salon in Toledo so they could get a little TLC.
This is where you go for the ultimate treatment. When you tell someone you've got a date at David Broadway, they give you an eye and make an "ohhhh" sound.
Located West of Central Toledo, the salon is nestled away between other local businesses, but is surrounded by trees.
The interior is ultra chic, but every way you turn has floor to ceiling windows making you feel one with nature.

The oversized leather couch is where I waited for my stylist.
With so many products to look at, I wondered why I declined the cappuccino the hostess offerred me.

Here is a before picture of my struggling hair.

Luscious locks!

You can make an appointment at David Broadway Salon here.
My stylist is Ashley, but everyone there goes through intensive training to be the best around.
Be sure to check out their other services too!

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