Franklin, Tennessee

My Mom and I headed South of the city to explore another town that was recommended by LC.
Franklin, TN is just a small drive from Nashville & is filled with things to do.
We indulged at Ivey Cake first- obviously we needed energy to walk through blocks and blocks of shops.
I went for my all-time favorite red velvet cupcake while my Mom went for a toffee, chocolate cupcake.
They have a zillion varieties to choose from.

The whole town is filled with small shops and big houses.
Some of the old mansions have been turned into art galleries and boutiques.
Our favorite was probably the Bagby House.

We only spent a half hour or so trying on every hat they had on the rack.

Bathos is basically a soap factory. Everything is handmade and smells good enough to eat.
They have everything from bath salts to body scrubs to hand soaps and face masks.
The scents are endless.
The owners have pre-cut chunks of each item or you can cut your own and buy in bulk.

Because our trip was only a couple days, we had to squeeze a lot into every day.
If you really took your time in Franklin, you could easily spend a few days going through all of the shops.
They have one main strip of shops and restaurants, then little streets that trail off with equally good places to stop off at.
If you visit Nashville, don't forget to stop in Franklin.

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