An Autumn Afternoon

Fall is my favorite season.
It reminds me so much of being little and spending what seemed like hours at the pumpkin patch searching for the perfect pumpkin.
My parents used to take my brother and me on hayrides, and afterwards we would go apple picking at the orchard.
I always wanted to be Belle from Beauty and The Beast for Halloween (and in real life).
Putting on my golden gown - over my snow suit of course - and heading out collecting as much candy as I could fit into my bag is one of the best memories I have.
My Mom and I headed outside yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather.
We ended up at Toledo Botanical Gardens again.
Living in the North this time of year is so amazing. The colors are absolutely unreal and simply incredible.
I convinced my Mom to do a photoshoot, and let her capture me running around, twirling, playing in the leaves, and climbing trees.
The afternoon was straight from my childhood...

Pure joy on my face as I swung on this door over and over (and over and over) again...


Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my Mom from the shoot. She's so beautiful....

IF I make it to a Halloween party this year, I have my costume picked out. It's a secret though....
What are you dressing up as??
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