Zia's At The Docks

Zia's holds a special place in my heart.
Not only was it the place J and I had our first date, but it's also where we got engaged.
I'm always game when anyone suggests dining there.
The Docks is a strip of Toledo's nicest restaurants with waterfront property.
You don't need to dress fancy, but some people do. Casual-nice clothing is appropriate.
The inside is decorated with clothes lines, garlic cloves, and wine bottles.
Although it's very unique and quaint, my favorite place to eat is under an umbrella watching the boats sail by.

The fresh bread with olive butter is complimentary, endless, and addictive.
It never gets wasted when I'm at the table.

The appetizer of the week was Pera Ripiene con Ricotta e Pancetta.
It's a poached pear stuffed with applewood smoked bacon, ricotta cheese and fresh herbs, finished with sweet port wine reduction.
Need I say more?

For my dinner drink I went with the Zia's Red Sangria.
It's a perfect mixture of coconut rum, orange juice, cranberry juice and dry red wine with a cherry on top.

For our main course we ordered the Pizza Zia's.
Smothered with all fresh ingredients including tomato, olives, onion, sausage, and cheese, this thin crust pizza is to die for.
It comes with no sauce (apparently that's how Pizza is done in Italy), but we got half and half.
The pizza is supposed to feed 4-6 people. Yeah.... maybe 4 if we're lucky ;)

They serve pizza with an optional spicy oil.
I believe it's olive oil with crushed red pepper and rosemary.
It packs just the right amount of punch.

We finished our dinner and thought it was a good idea to walk some of it off.
We took to the docs to watch captains and their crew tie up to eat.

You can find more information about Zia's here.

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