Titanic Exhibit

Since seeing Titanic in theaters some 15 years ago, I have been completely intrigued by everything about that time.
The hope everyone had for coming to America to start better lives, is so inspiring to do something with the opportunity I was given at birth.
But what fascinates me more is the way people dressed, talked, packed in their belongings, & how they interacted with each other.
The travelling Titanic Exhibit is currently at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, so I had to take the drive & check it out.
I wasn't disappointed about anything the exhibit had to offer, but I was upset that I couldn't take pictures to share the experience with you.

When arriving to the exhibit, the museum has a worker handing out boarding passes. This includes your new name, where you're from, & a little history about you. At the end of the trip you find out if you survived & made it to New York. It's also easy to find information online about whether or not all of your family survived & what happened to the people if they did in fact make it to New York.

The exhibit recreated some of the ship including the bow (which you can stand on & yell, "I'm king of the world!!!!" if you would like), a corridor, a first class cabin, an engine room steel door, & the grand staircase.
The handcrafted, gorgeous, insanely large staircase is enough to take your breath away. They recreated it to scale & you can have your picture taken on it by a professional.
There were hundreds of personal items that sunk with the ship & have since been brought out of their watery graves including combs, jewelry, clothes, dishes, letters, & soooo much more.
It's truly incredible to see the condition these items are in even after being untouched for decades at the bottom of the sea.
Some things are in good enough condition you could buy them out of a store today.

If you live anywhere in Michigan, make the trip to see the exhibit while it's here. It travels all over the world, so it won't be at the Henry Ford forever.
It will be here until the end of September, so that gives you plenty of time to rally your friends together to go see it.
Tickets are $27 & it also gives you access to the rest of the museum & also Greenfield Village. You can find more information about the Henry Ford here.

As for the rest of the museum, it's incredible the amount of history that is there right now. Things move around all the time, but at this time here is what I saw that I can't believe I had the chance to see:
The theater chair President Lincoln was shot in
The Rosa Parks bus
The limo President Kennedy was shot in
The first McDonalds sign
The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
Civil Rights memorabilia including signs, pins, & a KKK outfit
George Washington memorabilia
The Wright Brothers plane
And so much more.

We spent several hours there looking around, ooohh-ing and ahhh-ing at everything. Go on a day that you can afford to spend countless hours looking at memorabilia & artifacts, and don't forget to wear comfy shoes!

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