McGeady's Pub

My small town doesn't offer much of anything as far as non-chain restaurants.
J & I usually travel North or South for anything other than Applebee's or Buffalo Wild Wings.
However, we did discover a divey little Irish pub downtown (what there is of it).
McGeady's is smooshed between a Japanese restaurant in walk-up & a shoe store- not a good one.
It's interior is brick walls, wooden tables, & more imported beer varieties than you could try in a month.
The staff is particularly unfriendly. They're not mean, but they're not trying to be anyone's friend.
We have a little joke that the one waitress we usually get must have the most miserable life.

Mondays special was food I was disinterested, but then I spotted their soup of the day at the bottom of the list.
Beer cheese soup.
I wish I would have made it my entire meal. It was so delicious.
It was definitely a cheddary base with small pieces of shredded bacon & onions.
I added crackers in hopes of making the soup last a little longer.

J decided on a huge buffalo chicken salad. He said it was delicious & when I got a whif of the hot sauce on the chicken, i suddenly regretted my choice for an entree.

And then I saw my delicious mound of salad. It had mozzarella cheese, banana peppers, grilled chicken, & an extra large tortilla.
I haven't quite figured out what the tortilla has to do with the salad, but it is somehow delicious to tear off small pieces & load lettuce into it.
I am not a ranch dressing kind of girl, but theirs is to die for.

If you ever happen to eat on the outskirts of South Detroit, check out McGeady's. They're open for lunch & dinner. They have an upstairs where you can host parties too.
The setting makes you feel like you're in a big city pub, but you are in fact nestled away in a small Lake Erie town.
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