Baked Caprese

Because J has a crazy work schedule, we didn't make any fourth of July plans, but I didn't want the day to go unnoticed.
I wanted to do something different for dinner, but still be mostly healthy.
Searching around on Pinterest, I tucked a few recipes into my pocket for a rainy day, but not today.
I thought about it for a while & thought I'd do an Italian dish- a spin on caprese.
While I realize today is all about the US's independence, my ancestors found refuge here, so I'm rewarding my American husband with some of my people's food ;-)

1 tomato per person
Balsamic vinegar
Fresh mozzarella
Fresh basil

This is the vinegar I prefer, but anything you can find should do the trick.

Thinly slice the tomatoes & put them into a wide, shallow bowl. Pour the vinegar on top & slosh it around to coat the maters. Let them marinate in the fridge for at least an hour. Towards the end of the hour, turn the oven on to 475 degrees.

Slice mozzarella into thin coins.

Take about 2-3 leaves of basil (per 2 tomatoes) & dice it up.

Spray a baking pan with Pam, then put the tomatoes in a single later. Layer the cheese & basil on top.

Place on the middle rack of the oven. Don't go too far. In about 15-20 minutes your cheese will be melty, gooey, & perfect. Turn the oven up to 500 (or if you can, broil the tomatoes) for a few minutes.
The cheese will turn golden brown & look even better than it did a few minutes ago.

If you think this isn't for the special man in your life, you're wrong. J said, "I feel like I'm only eating all of the best parts of a pizza".
I think that means baked caprese was a success!
Neither of us expected to feel satisfied afterwards, but the tomatoes were surprisingly filling.
With roughly 50 calories per slice, we will be having this over & over & over again.

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