A Year Of Wishes

I haven't been avoiding you.
Life has been taking some crazy, unexpected turns, and I'm trying to keep up with it all.
J & I moved into our new (newer than the pictures I shared here) place.
We received a thoughtful housewarming gift from his side of the family that I thought was worth sharing.
They sent a "Year of Wishes" set from Red Envelope. It includes 12 candles, each with a charm inside.
We can burn a new candle each month, revealing adventure, joy, fun, wealth, etc.

Because I will be away from J for a while, I left this candle out and ready to burn.

The set even comes with little tweezers to remove the gem after the wax has burned away.
If you're interested in sending someone a little present, you can find the candles here.
Also, message me if you'd like an address to send additional gifts (I kid, I kid) ;-)


Btw, I shot these photos with my new 35mm lens J got me for my birthday. I'm still learning and adjusting to it, but so far I'm in love!


Fall Fashion

The last drops of Summer are quickly slipping away, and my favorite season is just about here.
There's nothing I love more than being in an over-sized sweater and chunky socks on a cold Autumn day.
I've put together a few necessities for the upcoming season for you to check out.

Mint was one of the hottest colors for Spring, but I'm going to continue it into Fall for 2 reasons:
I love mint & I love this blazer.

Everyone needs a good trench in their lives. This one screams feminine with the front bow that I'm obsessed with.

On to the weekend looks. I love extra long jeans, boots, and sweaters. This casual/dressy look is perfect for strolling around the city on a blustery day.

The ultra casual, "I'm running to the grocery store" look is always needed. I love the simplicity of this look. This is something I could easily wriggle into every day.

And then there's the Burberry jacket. The pleats in the back sets this jacket so far above any others I've seen lately. It's pure perfection.

For those of you who are over the Aztec prints, sorry, but I'm not (yet, anyways). Now, I don't absolutely love this exact sweater, but if I happen to come across an over-sized, deliciously snuggly Aztec print, I'm going to take it home with me.

Knit socks! A must have for every cold day. These are perfect for wearing with boots or hanging by a fireplace.
My favorite thing about Fall is the smell of apples and the feeling of cool air while being snug and cozy in my warm clothes.
What is your must-have for this season?


Early Birthday Present

My birthday is exactly a week away. I've been shopping around for ideas to give those who always ask for them, when I came across my new loves.
Every year for my birthday, my Dad and I go shopping and we always end up getting me a new pair of shoes. Because Winter seems to last forever in my neck of the woods, I usually pick out some sort of boot.
This year while pre-shopping for the big daddy/daughter day, I came across a clearanced out pair of leather Aldo booties that I knew wouldn't be on the shelf for long.
I couldn't wait a few more weeks and let someone else get the (slightly too large) boots of my dreams! I justified the size by saying I'd wear socks with them, and I will do just that.


They are my newest go-to shoe that I will be sporting all around Chi-Town this fall/winter.
I've been stuck inside studying and in class, so they haven't made their outside debut.
That doesn't mean I haven't been strutting my stuff down the catwalk *ahem* hallway in them.
Any new boots for you this year or are you sticking to your deliciously comfortable UGGS from last year?


Football Widow

I know there are a lot of women out there who can sympathize with me.
Every September, I'm left fending for myself on Saturdays.
Unless, of course, it's a bye week.

Here is a glimpse into what my family room looks like in the Fall.

It includes intense game watching by J and Brutus, beer, snacks, and of course, The Ohio State.
Wish me luck for yet another cold, windy Autumn all alone.
What are you a widow of? Video games, sports, work?



Veggies & Soup

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to put lunch or dinner on the table, look no further.
Tomatoes soaked in balsamic vinegar, a couple cans of soup, and grilled sugar snap peas & green beans.
Not only is it fast as lightning to prepare, it's full of vitamins and health benefits too!

 J opted for New England Clam Chowder, while I went for Wolfgang Puck's Tortilla soup.
We used a George Foreman grill to cook the beans and peas to perfection.
I sliced up some Roma tomatoes, placed them in a bowl, and saturated them with balsamic vinegar.

With all the fiber in the veggies, you'll be full before you know it.
Everything is prepared before you can say healthy food, and you'll enjoy it too.
Then you can brag about how healthy you were... for a meal ;-)



Zia's At The Docks

Zia's holds a special place in my heart.
Not only was it the place J and I had our first date, but it's also where we got engaged.
I'm always game when anyone suggests dining there.
The Docks is a strip of Toledo's nicest restaurants with waterfront property.
You don't need to dress fancy, but some people do. Casual-nice clothing is appropriate.
The inside is decorated with clothes lines, garlic cloves, and wine bottles.
Although it's very unique and quaint, my favorite place to eat is under an umbrella watching the boats sail by.

The fresh bread with olive butter is complimentary, endless, and addictive.
It never gets wasted when I'm at the table.

The appetizer of the week was Pera Ripiene con Ricotta e Pancetta.
It's a poached pear stuffed with applewood smoked bacon, ricotta cheese and fresh herbs, finished with sweet port wine reduction.
Need I say more?

For my dinner drink I went with the Zia's Red Sangria.
It's a perfect mixture of coconut rum, orange juice, cranberry juice and dry red wine with a cherry on top.

For our main course we ordered the Pizza Zia's.
Smothered with all fresh ingredients including tomato, olives, onion, sausage, and cheese, this thin crust pizza is to die for.
It comes with no sauce (apparently that's how Pizza is done in Italy), but we got half and half.
The pizza is supposed to feed 4-6 people. Yeah.... maybe 4 if we're lucky ;)

They serve pizza with an optional spicy oil.
I believe it's olive oil with crushed red pepper and rosemary.
It packs just the right amount of punch.

We finished our dinner and thought it was a good idea to walk some of it off.
We took to the docs to watch captains and their crew tie up to eat.

You can find more information about Zia's here.

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