Grammy's Garden

Throughout this week (& many weeks to come) I've been helping my Grandma weed, plant, & landscape her garden. My grandparents' yard is as green as a rainforest & as welcoming as their home. As of late, the gardens have gotten out of control with weeds taller than small trees & plants that need trimming.
Before we get to the "before & after" shots, I want to share some beautiful pictures of her yard...

Now for the before & after pictures...

Now this one is a bit of a stretch. I forgot to get a good before picture of this. To the left of the picture look under the tree into the jungle of weeds.

Now that we're almost done weeding, we'll be planting more flowers & dividing up some of the existing ones. Do any of you green thumbs have suggestions on what to plant?
We should finish up in the next few weeks, so look forward to some victory pictures!

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