Chesapeake Bay Candle Co

I'm the biggest candle lover ever.
I love the way certain smells can turn a house into a home.
I've always stuck with Yankee Candles because they burn slowly & their aromas fill my house for hours.
But while browsing around a local store, I found Chesapeake Bay candles. I wasn't immediately excited until I smelled some of the fragrances.
I picked up some of my favorites & couldn't wait to tell you about them.
These high-fragrance candles are beyond yummy smelling.
I bought them Sunday afternoon & left all but one in their packaging.
By Monday morning the one I took out of the box had filled my entire family room with a light summery orange smell.

Yes, that says Mahogany & Plum.
I wish I could have seen my face when I read it myself, but the scent is unbelievable.
It's so dark & rich, it's definitely more of a Fall candle. Let's see if I can wait that long to burn it.

Here is some good news. You don't have to travel to my tiny town in order to purchase these little goodies. It turns out, they're sold at Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, & little gift shops everywhere.
If you can't get to a store to smell them all, try their website.
It's always a gamble buying a fragrance online, but I haven't smelled a Chesapeake candle I didn't love.

These candles won't break your budget; they're no more expensive than Yankees.
Give them a try, their unique scents will fill your home quickly!

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