I've mentioned him before, but my favorite four-legged friend has been by my side for the past week.
While J and I have to be living in separate parts of the country for a while, I've been staying with my new bff, Carson.
He was a stray that came wandering into my brother's yard. He couldn't take care of him, so my Mom took him in.
He's been the sweetest, most lovable little guy since day 1.
He loves playing in leaves, eating all of my favorite non-edibles, and sneaking food off the counter.

Whenever I point my camera at him, he either runs around like a crazed, rabid animal, or he acts like I'm punishing him by putting his ears back and giving me the puppy dog eyes.
I'm pretty sure he's saying "why are you doing this to me???"

Because he's some sort of Beagle mix, he normally runs around with his nose to the ground, barking at all of his favorite smells (i.e. rabbits, birds, squirrels).

He's such a lover and the best 4-legged snuggler in the whole world. He curls up into the tiniest ball and pretends to be a lap dog.

I had a Beagle growing up that was a lover too. They really are the sweetest dogs... if you can get past that bark!


Side note: he's a runner. For all of you thinking that's a shock collar, you're half right. It's for his invisible fence. I don't believe in using shock collars, but he would be long gone if the fence wasn't in place.
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