Flex Watches

Flex watches has created 10 different colored watches. Each color represents 1 of 10 charities in which 10 percent of your purchase will go towards (the 10-10-10 standard).
While the money is being put to good use, the main reason for the watches is to promote awareness of each charity. 
By simply buying and wearing a watch, you too can contribute to the success of the 10 charities.

The black watch supports LHON- an organization that helps people who are affected by spontaneous blindness, which occurs to about 100 people each year in the US.

The blue watch supports Nika Water- a charity that helps bring clean water and sanitization to the world's poor. 100% of proceeds go to Nika.

The gray watch supports the Imerman Angels charity. This organization matches those who are fighting cancer, with someone who has already won the battle. 

The green watch supports the Be Perfect Foundation- a charity that provides funds to people who have endured spinal cord injuries and financially cannot afford a full recovery. 

The light blue watch supports The Living Memoir, which is a forum about suicide awareness, but was initially started so people could talk about the past, be present in the now, and talk about the future.

The orange watch supports the St. Bernard Project, which builds homes for Hurricane Katrina victims.

The pink watch supports the Keep-A-Breast foundation, which hopes to get rid of breast cancer altogether through methods of prevention. During the month of October, an extra $5 will be donated to the charity by Flex Watches.

The red watch supports Mariner's Outreach, which provides mostly food needs to the poor in Mexico.

The white watch supports Life Rolls On- a charity that encourages young people with spinal cord injuries to be active despite paralysis.

The yellow watch supports the APDA, which donates huge amounts of money for Parkinson's research every year.

The watches are sold in mini and a regular size, which are slightly different. 
The cost of each watch is $40.
The bands are interchangeable, so you can start by purchasing any watch and when you're sick of the color, pick up a different colored band for $15. 
You can also purchase rubber bracelets for $5 or a t-shirt for $25 to raise awareness of Flex Watches.

Please contribute to one of these excellent charities, or at least get the word out about them. I'm off to get the black one...

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