The Roundhouse

The last train station on the BNSF metra is Aurora, IL.
Some of you may recognize that city from Wayne's World... No way! Way!
Connected to the train station is what is known as The Roundhouse.
I'm not sure of everything that currently occupies the building, but from what little wandering I've done, I've seen a pub tucked away. I've been told there are also little venues for concerts/weddings/events within the building.
During the holidays, reindeer would be put in the center to mingle with the diners and wanderers.
They don't do this anymore due to a death in the reindeer family. Apparently reindeer have very sensitive stomachs and people were feeding the food off their plates.
Regardless, The RH has become a favorite of mine.
We were the first customers for the day, don't let the empty tables fool you. By the time we were done eating, the place was full of men in suits, girlfriends meeting up, and families too.

The atmosphere is a mix of soft and hard, warm and cold. The old wood floor, stone walls, exposed hardware, cushiony sleek leather seats, and roaring fires keep the restaurant comfortable, yet stimulating.

I went with the Roundhouse Burger. It is a medium-thick patty with applewood smoked bacon, a roasted pablano, white cheddar cheese, and oozing with a house-made spicy/tangy barbecue sauce. I also opted for the house-cut french fries.
Everything that is served at The RH is 100% organic, including beverages.
The owners also only use local, fresh ingredients.
I couldn't believe my senses when our waitress brought out the food. It looked and smelled so amazing. I don't think J and I talked for the next 15-20 minutes as we devoured our lunch, except for the occasional "can I have a bite of that?"

J ordered the N'Awlins Muffaletta- a sandwich made of ham, salami, mortadella, and capicola meats with provalone cheese, topped with an olive salad, smooshed between two pieces of a sesame bun.


The portions are enough to have a meal and take a goody bag home... that's only if your tastebuds will let you stop.
The building has been in the hands of many owners (including Walter payton of the Bears), but now the RH is owned by Two Brothers.
They brew and serve their own beer and have seasonal favorites; you can learn more about that and brewery tours here.

You can also find more information about The RH here, and the other Two Brother's restaurant, The Tap House, here.

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