Home Sweet Home

I have been searching all over for my and J's new Chicago burbs pad, and I have finally found it.
Because we're not quite ready to buy, I was very limited on places to choose from.
We could rent big houses with space we don't need and a yard I don't have time to take care of, or we could rent a tiny little beat up apartment in areas of town that I'm not so sure I would be safe in.
Then a little birdie sent an email and presented me with a beautiful condo that will suit us perfectly.
Say hello to my little condo. *All pictures are from the property owner.

It has a 2 story family room that floods the entire place with light.
This will make all of my pictures turn out even better.
The picture was taken from the loft area.

The loft will be my workout room.
Right now my weight bench and everything that goes along with it are shoved in my master bedroom, while the treadmill is in the guest room.
I can't wait to have it all in one beautiful open space.

My current apartment is so small, I don't even have room for a small dining room table, so we're going to need to look for not only a dining room table, but also a table for our eat-in kitchen.
(Can I really complain though? I mean, look how cute the space is!)

I will even have a little patio with courtyard and can own a grill again! I had to throw away my grill when I moved into where I live now.
We will be moving shortly, and I can't wait to start my life in my new little home!

I am taking suggestions for DIY/Etsy tables. Any links or ideas out there?

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