Toledo Botanical Gardens

I had a little meeting in Toledo, OH yesterday, and I had heard there was a beautiful garden tucked away in the heart of the city.
My engagement lasted only a short time, then I I found my way to Toledo Botanical Gardens & wasn't disappointed.
You would miss the signs if you weren't looking for it, and even if you were looking for it, it's nearly transparent until you actually pull in.
I only had to drive by twice before I saw the turn in point.
It's nestled off of a busy road with an express way not far away, but once in the park, you would never know there's anyone within miles.
You park right inside the gates & then make your way on foot around the acres of land.
They have small gardens & big gardens, colorful flowers & white ones, huge trees & just planted trees, and enough memorials to make a cemetary.
The utter beauty of the park is remarkable. It's beyond peaceful.
I feel as though I could spend hours losing myself in my thoughts while resting under a big shady tree.

If you're looking for a place to get your senior, engagement, or wedding pictures, this is a beautiful outdoor location that could give you a million different photo options.
If you're into outdoor weddings, you can even get married in the gardens!

You can find more information about Toledo Botanical Gardens here.
They're open every day during daylight hours & it's free except on Thursdays when they have jazz festivals.

I hope you take the opportunity to check it out this summer. You can pack your own picnic & eat it on the lawn or just walk around with your loved one.

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