The Back Alley

The girls and I had a night out, and we spent it at The Back Alley. It's a dark dive bar behind a bowling alley (hence the name). It's not the nicest or cleanest, but we've claimed it as ours, and we visit often. The pizza is extra greasy, smothered with 2 layers of cheese and pepperoni. I refrained from eating a single piece, and after looking at the picture, I'm not sure how. I can still smell its heavenly aroma.

 The jello shots come in every flavor you can think of and taste like candy.

The accidentally vintage decor is not much to look at, and the stained glass fruit lamp shades are something only a regular could love.

But the shots are scrumptious-- especially the "applesauce" shots.

And my favorite Hawaiian, Leala, is always ready to dance the night away (and play air guitar).

My look for the evening (sorry for not getting a full outfit pic!!) was a black tank from Express, black leggings from Maurices. I got them for a steal at $11! And my outfit staple, black suede Lauren Conrad pumps adorned my feet. My black and gray Coach wristlet also made an appearance-- I just love that little thing!

Every Friday and Saturday night, The Back Alley offers karaoke. Yes, I have partaken. No, it was not pretty. A few of my friends are rockstars though!!

As for the jeggings (jeans+leggings), they turned out to be too much like jeans and not enough like leggings,so I returned them. And I'm not sad about it....

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