Monday Sun-day

The sun is shining & it looks like it will be a beautiful day. Unfortunately, I don't have much for you except a picture of my indulgence last night.

Remember the recipe website I shared last week? Punchfork shared this amazing-looking jalapeno popper grilled cheese recipe. I HAD to try it.

While hubby sliced peppers, I buttered one side of the bread and smeared creme cheese on the other side. I layed the peppers on the creme cheese side, placed a piece of cheddar on top of the peppers, and covered with the top piece of bread. Hubbs cooked the sandwiches over medium heat on the stove & they turned out... well, not so pretty, but amazingly delicious. Next time I will use a thicker bread & slice the peppers thinner. I will be trying this again!

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