Most of us make resolutions, and few of us actually accomplish what we set out for. I am almost 1/5 of the way done with my goal and it's only mid-Feb! yay! So what is my goal you ask? RUN

I'm running 500 miles in 366 days. It's perfect timing since it's leap year ;-)
My journey didn't start off great. I was running in these

I love them, but according to Dr. Scholl, I have flat feet, and these puppies caused me some serious shin splints. So I hit up Dick's, and these were recommended

(I know what you're thinking, and I agree. They're fugly!)

Goodbye shin splints!
Hello ankle trauma!

94.5 miles into my resolution and I'm in agony.

Maybe I'll take some time off and see if it heals itself. Otherwise, the next 405.5 miles are going to be painful.

Five days a week I run between 3 & 4 miles per day. This burns roughly 600cals/day, which allows me to eat some delicious foods on the weekends and not gain weight(and let's be honest, sometimes during the week too).

Get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and fit back into your skinny jeans. Start running with me!
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