The Kafta Pita

I may be an Italian-American girl, but if I had to choose just one type of food to eat forever, it would be middle-eastern cuisine. The menu for last night: Kafta pita, olive salad, and humous with pita chips. Delish.

Mix a pound of ground lamb with a pound of ground beef. Throw in some parsley, salt, and pepper and 1/2 of a grated onion. Make patties and cook however you'd like. I don't have access to a grill right now, so I made them in a skillet on the stove.

Cut large, fluffy pita in half to form pita pockets, and coat the inside with a garlic paste. Stuff the pita with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. Add a pile of olives and humous to your plate with some pita chips.

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