Skinny Ice Cream

I've been on serious diet mode the past few months, but I'm so easily persuaded to go off and eat all kinds of delicious foods.
Fortunately a recipe has been floating around the internet that I find fits my diet plan and has all the deliciousness in the world.
It's "ice cream" made out of bananas.
If you go into it expecting that it's not ever going to replace regular ice cream, it's phenomenal.
It only takes one ingredient to make; you guessed it! Bananas.
I mixed mine with cocoa powder to make chocolate banana ice cream.

First you need ripe bananas. Slice them relatively thin and place them in the freezer for an hour or two.

Once they're frozen through, pop the banana chips into your food processor or blender and blend until it turns into ice cream consistency.
Mix in cocoa powder if you want or leave it as a delicious banana flavor.

Once it's all mixed, you will have a soft serve texture, if you leave it out a little longer, it will be more of a pudding texture, or you can pop it back into the freezer and have scoopable ice cream.

Hmmm... yeah I only shared a bite or two....

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