If you have been following me from the beginning, you already know this, but if you're a newcomer, Hubbs and I live in a tiny apartment in the Detroit area.
Neither of us were raised in the town we live in. It's a combination of farmers and people who think they live in a big city.
We have expressed our feelings of wanting to leave to our friends and acquaintances, and surprisingly, we get a lot of people asking why.
I get it. If you've never been to a real big city (i.e. NYC, Boston, LA), you don't know how small and boring this town is.
We find ourselves, week after week asking each other "did you hear of anything to do this weekend?", and the answer is always "Nope".
Needless to say we've been miserable since the day we moved here.
All of our hard work and searching has really paid off.
J and I will be moving to........

Yes, it's one of the smaller "big" cities, but it will be full of new people, food, places, and events.
It's close enough to our families that our Moms aren't freaking out, but far enough away that we'll be happy and free.
We are beyond excited for our journey, but we need a little help.
I don't want to move there and only see what tourists see- I need some tips on hidden gems.
We welcome any suggestions on things to do in Chi Town.
If you have any inside scoop, leave a comment with anything I should check out, and I will surely blog about it (and give you a shout out)!
Wish us well on our big move and if you notice my blogging comes to a slow down, don't worry! I'm not only getting everything packed, but I'm also back to battling teachers and homework.

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