Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

Don't give another excuse for not eating healthy at home. I have a demo on how to make a very cheap, fast, healthy, easy, & delicious salad without cutting up any veggies.

What you'll need:

1.5 lbs of chicken breast
1 bag of 'Very Veggie' lettuce mix (per 2 people)
1 package of mushrooms
Dressing of your choice

Cook the chicken over medium heat

While the chicken is cooking, divide the salad bag among 2 bowls. This bag comes with lettuce, cabbage, carrots, radishes, & snow peas already cut up inside. Side note: be sure to check out the lettuce through the package & the expiration date- sometimes these bags aren't worth the buy.

Top the lettuce with pre-sliced mushrooms.

When the chicken is fully cooked, take it from the stove & put it on a cutting board. Shred the chicken however you choose. What I do (because it's still hot) is hold the chicken breast with one fork & use another fork to pull the breast apart. Put the shredded chicken on top of the salad, then drizzle on your favorite dressing-- I chose Buttermilk Ranch, but I almost went for Roka Bleu Cheese, which I'm sure would have been equally as delicious!

I always buy chicken breasts when they're on sale & freeze them for later use. I already had the chicken & dressing on hand. The prepared salad mix was $2.50, the mushrooms were $2.00. Cheap enough for ya?

p.s. If you hate mushrooms, substitute them for a hard-boiled egg or a tomato (or both). If you're not watching calories, include croutons & bacon bits.  

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