Minty Nails

While half of the world hopped on the pastels bandwagon, I went the direct opposite way & opted for neons.
Now that I have a closet full of bright, obnoxious colors, I'm sick of it all.
I thought it would be a fad that died quickly, but I didn't realize how quickly I would want it to go away.
I'm headed back towards more classic colors.
Today while browsing the beauty aisle, I noticed a particularly grown up & sophisticated pastel nail polish.
What a way to hop on the pastel bandwagon, but to start with nail polish.
It's inexpensive, temporary, and easy to change.
For the most part I'm not afraid of commitment, but when it comes to being an adult, I want to push it off for as long as possible.
Changing my nail color to something my grandmother would approve of is the easiest way to pull off being an adult without making the full commitment of changing my entire wardrobe.

The nail polish was Sally Hanson Smooth & Perfect in Sea.
It went on watery, but after two coats it ended up looking good (as good as a girl with an unsteady hand can get it to look).
I just happened to come across this brand. I have no idea where else this line is sold, but I'm sure if you google it, you will find it.

Are you into pastels or neons this summer season?

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