Whatchu Got In That Drank?

Whenever I have friends over or we're all headed out to a party, the most asked question is "what are we going to drink?"
The question drags on as we wander through the liquor store picking up bottles and then asking each other what we could possibly mix with it.
We usually settle on some sort of flavored vodka with a few 2-liters of pop.
One of my favorites we decided on was vanilla flavored vodka with root beer.
It tasted like a naughty ice cream float.
While I haven't been too adventurous lately with the mixed drinks, here is what J and I have been drinking.

Hubby's drink of choice is usually gin & tonic.
It's an old man's drink, he even got told once before by a waitress at a local pub & grub.
His latest choice of gin is Hendrick's.
If you're looking for something light on calories & enjoy a piney flavor, this could be your drink of choice.
To me, it tastes like Christmas.

My favorite drink as of late is Sangria. I would wash down all of my meals with it if I didn't think it would develop into a problem.
I found Red Guitar Sangria at a local market and thought I'd give it a go.
It definitely has a wine-y taste to it, but its subtle sweetness is to die for.
I can usually stomach a glass or two of regular wine, but I could knock off a whole bottle of this stuff.

The most unique drink in my cupboard right now is a Dominican drink called Mamajuana.
While we were in the Dominican Republic, we purchased a bottle with wood chips and leaves in it.
You take it home, marinate the contents with red wine for a week, then pour out the wine and fill the bottle mostly with rum, a little vanilla and plenty of honey.
Let it sit for a week, then enjoy as shots.
You can use the same wood chips & leaves for several batches.
It tastes mostly like black licorice with a hint of sweetness.
It's not something I would normally order, but I liked the idea of bringing a little bit of the Dominican Republic home with me.


So that's what's in my liquor cabinet. What's in yours?
Do you have a special drink of choice?

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