Team USA Cereal

While walking through the grocery store I noticed a new cereal staring at me. It was a rather tiny box, but looked like a new version of fruit loops, so I went for it.
With Team USA plastered on every side of the box, I knew it was a trial version of something that will disappear soon after the olympics end, & I hate missing out on things.

I must have missed the little description on the box before I had my first bowl. I was fully expecting fruit loops.
Turns out they're vanilla flavored loops.
Believe me when I say I wasn't sad.
I tried a few dried loops & thought they tasted pretty good, but then I poured on the milk & had my first bite.
All of a sudden they tasted like eating icing out of the container.

With only 110 calories per cup of these bad boys, it's SO worth it.

If you're living in the US, you can probably find these at your local grocery store. If you go to here you can even tell them what you think about the cereal.
Even if you never go buy it, you should give it 2 thumbs up on their website so I can continue to enjoy my new favorite loops.
Enjoy & GO TEAM USA!
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