A Busy Little Bee

I had a fun-filled weekend. Shopping, plenty of food, mini golf, movies, going out, & more drinks than I should've had, my weekend was jam packed.
Here is a small summary of how my days were spent.
Trying on my new shirts with different pants...

My accessories for my shopping day.
Friendship bracelets & comfy sandals.

My shopping partner picked the restaurant. I was ok with her decision- It's not very often that J & I indulge in chain restaurants, but Olga's is in malls everywhere & it reminds me of my early shopping days.

A couple movies I watched while J was still working.
Extremely Loud & Incredible Close was a fantastic movie.
In case you are unaware, it's roughly about the 9-11 attacks, but it's more about a boy trying to move on after losing his father in the WTC.
My Week With Marilyn is a true story about the woes of Marilyn Monroe. With all the beauty & glamor in the world, she still acted like a vulnerable, self-conscious little girl.

With all the delicious food I knew I was about to eat, I had to squeeze in a couple of really good workouts.

That night, J & I hit up another chain restaurant so he could get the wings & beer he so wanted. I chose a spicy Asian zing chicken wrap with chips & salsa.

Then it was time to change the calendar. Erasing all of June's problems & starting fresh in July.

When J finally got off work, we headed to a pub for some drinks. I opted for a jumbo Long Island. The first one was so delicious, that I had to order #2.

While out on Monday, we stopped at a local submarine sandwich shop & I got this monster of a lunch.
It was all veggies & loaded with cheese. The bread was perfectly toasted & awesomely delicious.
J & I will definitely be going back to try the rest of the menu.

We ended the afternoon with a competetive game of putt-putt. Unless I specifically tell him not to let me win, he'll somehow manage a way to mess up more shots than not.
I ended up losing.... by a lot. I'm not surprised, J gets to the regular course more than me...

We ended a perfectly hot & beautiful day at the movie theaters. If I had my way, we would've seen just about anything other than Ted, but J was so pitiful, he even said, "if we see Magic Mike, will you go see Ted with me too?". Poor guy. I'd never drag him to MM, so I gave in & we saw a stupid talking teddy bear.
There were maybe a handful of funny parts. Skip this one & maybe if you're dying to see it, catch it when it's on DVD.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
What kind of trouble did you get into??

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