50 Shades Book Review

My flights flew by thanks to my guilty pleasure getting the best of me. As promised, I finished 50 Shades of Grey & am here to give my opinion. Don't worry, I won't give any spoilers!

Let's talk about the author first. I don't care for her writing "style". She didn't study English, she was never a writer before she sat down to spill her darkest desires, & her writing style shows it. I found myself bored with the repeating of some things over & over & over again. In fact, I ended up skipping several pages in a row at a few different points & still knowing exactly what was going on. I went back later to look at the pages & nothing written was anything that I didn't already read earlier in the book!

Do I think this book is capable of transforming someone's dull sex-life? Sure, if both partners are into the s&m thing, but for the majority of people I'd say no.

The thing about 50 Shades that's really bothering me isn't anything that's in the book, but it's how the media is reporting it. I heard Sherri Shepphard on The View (before I read it) talking about how the book deals with a very young girl being with a much older man. If I remember correctly, there's only a 6 year age difference & both main characters are in their 20's. It's not a sicko love story, so if you've heard mis-reports, get your panties out of a bunch & read it for yourself.

So why is this book making so much buzz? It's dirty. It's erotic. But in my eyes it's not capable of releasing repressed women across the world, like so many crotchety old news reporters are claiming. If you want to change your sex-life, reading this book won't change anything. Talk to your partner! If you're embarrassed to bring up that you'd like to try some kinky things, send him a text or email. You might be turning scarlett, but he'll probably be pretty excited that you're even thinking about sex while he's at work.

Don't get me wrong, read the book to get some ideas of what you might like to try, but merely reading 50 Shades will not get you very far.

Give it a read (or don't) & tell me your opinion!
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