Feta Pasta Salad

When I was little, my parents would drop me off at my Grandma's early in the morning & we would cook (& eat) all day long. She was Greek & loved sharing her recipes with me. At a very young age I fell in love with feta cheese. She would bring it out with crackers or bread for us to snack on while we waited for our culinary masterpiece to finish cooking. I would cut the biggest hunk of cheese off & try to put it on my cracker, but my Grandma would say, "Heather, you only take a little bit so you can savor & taste every morsel of it". I still haven't learned my lesson. I just can't imagine feta tasting any better than it does when I have a whole mouthful.
Last night I whipped up feta pasta salad & the feta was tasting better than usual. Maybe because it's the first time I've bought it from the store since my Grandma passed away...

What you'll need:
16 oz cooked spiral noodles
8 oz feta (don't buy the pre-crumbled stuff)
3.8 oz sliced olives (one of the small cans)
15-20 cherry tomatoes sliced longways
Raspberry vinaigrette (to your liking)

Put the cool, cooked pasta into a large bowl. Throw the tomatoes & olives on top of the noodles. While it's still in the package, crumble the feta either using your fingers or a fork, then toss it on top of the pile.

I'm positive that this will not disappoint at any party. The mix of the feta & raspberry vinaigrette makes your tastebuds dance. And because it's a cold dish, it is perfect for this extra hot summer we're having.
On a side note, if you make it the night before you intend to eat it, don't forget to pour on the vinaigrette. It gets absorbed by the noodles & cheese, making it even more impossibly delicious.

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