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With having the entire summer off, I've found that my (almost) second home is slowly but surely becoming Hobby Lobby. In case you are not in an area that allows you to escape into it's bliss, I will give you a mini tour of my little haven.
They have seasonal decorations for every holiday & nick nacks & picture frames galore, but my favorite sections are towards the back of the store.
I'm all about bright colors right now. The brighter, the better. HobLob offers just about everything in every color. It's such an inspiration to do something crazy-colorful all over my apartment.

The crushed glass & mirror wall hangings are everywhere within the store. They even have giant wine glasses made of crushed glass.

Clocks, clocks, & more clocks. This isn't the only display of clocks they have. In fact, they probably have a good 200 different clocks at the store ranging from looking aged & worn to super modern.

Wall hangings including these masculine basement ideals, are littered throughout the store. Some a little prettier than others.

Ahhh we've reached my favorite aisle, the blank canvases. There is so much to be drawn, painted, transferred & created on these clean slates. I get a burst of energy & creativity every time I walk through it.

I picked up more than a few canvases & created some masterpieces.

All of these you can find at my Etsy shop. Please take a peek and browse around (not too much is there).
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