The Newest Twitter-er

Alright, Alright, Alright! I signed up for Twitter yesterday. I know "welcome to the 21st century". If you are a fellow twit... twitter-er...tweeter(?), please go on and follow me @commonerheather. One of these days I'll figure it all out & follow you back.

I was very anti-Twitter, but I think I have a valid reason to cave in. I see all the visitors I'm getting on here & I have well over 200 followers via bloglovin, but I'm not getting a lot of feedback. Is it because you're not interesting in what I write? Is it because you don't feel comfortable on my blog? I thought Twitter would be a common meeting place to get advice or comments from people not willing to comment on here.
Right now, I'm following some of the people in the "recommended" list, but that's only to get the hang of the forum, then I'll only follow those people who I care about (my blog fans & friends). So the question is: who should I follow?
A celebrity? You? Your dog?
Please help me get started by either finding me on Twitter (@commonerheather) or leaving me a comment on here. Kapeesh?
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