Fruit Salad

If I had to choose just one food group to eat from all summer long, I'd definitely choose fruit! I love fresh fruit especially when it's in salad form! I'm quite the snacker, but I don't care what I'm snacking on, so instead of loading up on potato chips or Doritos, I keep chopped (or small) fruit in the house to eat. Otherwise, I think I'd be as big as a barn.
I threw together a quick & easy salad to munch on over the next few days & found the combination of fruits I chose were incredible together.

For my latest salad, I only used 3 fruits- watermelon, cherries, & blueberries. This is probably favorite combination because even though the berries are sweet, the watermelon makes them taste tart & the cherries add a huge bite of flavor compared with the watermelon. Putting a little bit of everything in your mouth at the same time is like heaven for your tastebuds.

I've already told you about the benefits of eating watermelon, but cherries & blueberries are also "super fruits". Cherries & blueberries aide in brain health, can help prevent cancer & can reduce the risk of diabetes. For more information look here and here.

I like to keep my salads simple. I feel that when too much is added, the flavors of a lot of the fruit is lost.

What are your favorite fruit combos?
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