Golf & BBQ

J & I spent Saturday at the links hitting some balls. He was in a tournament on Sunday & wanted to get a last minute practice in. I normally partake in a leisurely game of golf, but this day I sunbathed & played paparazzi while Hubby tried out some new clubs (the ones I got him for his birthday).

The course, although littered with seemingly picturesque powerlines, is acres of beautiful greens & large stone markers directing you where the next hole is. It's in a surprising location, hidden behind an expressway & fast food restaurants, but you would never know it's there. When you're on the course you feel as if you're in the middle of the country with nothing in site for miles. It's so relaxing & peaceful, I'm tempted to pay the price of a round, then drive to the middle of the course & relax for the day.

Check out my Cinemagram creation of J (& one other below of my shirt blowing in the wind).

After the course, we stopped at the market to get kabob makings- steak, onion, & bell peppers.
We also cracked open a bottle of our homemade Italian wine & indulged around a fire.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

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