Dominican Republic {Days 3, 4, 5}

After a very restfull sleep, we woke early to run to the lobby & schedule a zip lining tour for the following morning.
Day 3 seemed to fly by. We spent quite a bit of time scheduling our excursion & laying by the pool. When it was time for lunch we decided to spend the rest of the day hanging around the suite & taking pictures at the beach.

Sprite in a bottle = fantastic!

We had to get up bright & early for our zip lining tour, so we retired early.
This is where my disappointment sets in. We were told not to take a camera because you're not allowed to keep anything in your pockets & there's nowhere to safely store anything.
On the 90 minute trip into the jungle, there was about 500 kodak moments that I missed out on. We have no pictures of anything from that entire trip & it makes me really sad. The villages & people are so interesting & I aside from describing every detail to my friends & family, I have no way to show them the beauty & sadness of it all. I'll get into that all in another post (sans my own pictures obviously). Oh, and it turns out they had lockers for us to store all of our belongings in.......
Aside from not taking any pictures, zip lining was an amazing experience that I seriously recommend trying! We zipped through the jungle & high above it for over an hour, seeing things no one staying on the resorts could ever see without doing a tour of some sort. My recommendation is to wear gym shoes because there's plenty of hiking in between some of the platforms & you're in a jungle! There are snakes, spiders, lizzards, & bugs.

When we returned we were definitely ready for dinner. We showered & threw on clothes as fast as possible & nearly sprinted to the buffet.

We were beat. A full belly & mai tais galore put us into a sleepy funk, so we headed to bed early... again.

Day 5 was our second to last full day on the island. We worked at a leizurely pace that day, heading to breakfast & then spending the rest of the day parked on pool lounge chairs & bar seats.

For dinner, we rushed to La Petite Fondue, a little swiss restaurant that happens to be very close to our room.

We started with a dish of pate, proscuitto, & mystery cheese. Then the best onion soup in the world arrived at our table. Holy deliciousness!

We decided on the Bourguignon Fondue for 2, which was a plate of raw meats including chicken, beef, & sausage.

We were serenaded by a local reggae band & naturally this is the best picture that I got while we were being sang to.

But here's a better one from when our neighbors had their turn.

And lastly, we enjoyed a fruit & chocolate fondue (the main reason I wanted to go here).

After 2 hours of cooking our own foods & dipping our dessert, we were ready for a good night of sleep.
We only had one more full day on the island & we wanted to make the most of it by getting up early.
We fled into our airconditioned room & fell asleep quickly.
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