Good Eats Around Town

I've been enjoying some seriously good eats lately. Too much for my own good, that's for sure. There's a relatively new BBQ joint just a few minutes from me, so Hubbs & I had to head there to get one of our favorite BBQ dishes- pulled pork sandwiches.
Piled high with deliciously juicy pork on a toasted bun & two side dishes of your choice (as if anyone could finish the sandwich alone). I chose beans & potato salad.

After a long week of being back to work since our trip to the Dominican Republic, we needed to get out for a drink. We headed to a little pub & grub down the street to send our taste buds to heaven.
We started out with their version of spinach artichoke dip, which is actually very ranchy/cream cheesey & less spinachy/artichokey.
Then I opted for the spicy chicken tacos topped with sriracha sauce with a side of sweet potato tots.
J went for the untraditional country club. It was stacked with pastrami & turkey on rye.

And yes, we received & finished our much needed drinks.

I was invited to a wedding this past weekend, & the couple left a 4.5 hour gap between the ceremony & reception, so I took the opportunity to go to lunch with my Mommy. We went to a chain restaurant, but still delicious none-the-less.
I had a chopped salad & black bean soup (which is more like a chili).

I've definitely had my fair share of deliciously unhealthy foods lately. Time to get back to my usual diet.
Have you tried anything new recently? New restaurants? New meals?
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