Homemade Sushi

J has been on a real sushi kick lately & instead of going out, he thought he would make his own sushi for dinner. After many hours of rice preparation, they were ready to roll! Hubbs wanted crab, avocado & cucumber on one roll & he opted for jalapenos, cucumber & cream cheese on the other. He made me my own special (very non-Japanese) roll of jalapenos, cucumbers & cream cheese without the seaweed wrap.

My sushi roll (below)

J's sushi rolls (below)

The rolls were edible, but we were both a tiny bit disappointed. J was really expecting these to be amazing & taste like they do when they're made by people who have been making them for years (silly, I know!). I think from now on we'll be heading out whenever he gets his craving...

Have you ever made sushi? What did you put in it & how did it turn out?

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