The Kennedys

I know I'm not the only one that thinks the Kennedy's are ridiculously stylish. Even the ones who were in their prime decades and decades ago could be in magazines today. Actually, that is a true statement, not an opinion- Vanity Fair featured John Jr. & his style in the April 2011 issue. Basically what I've come to conclude is prep never goes out of style.

First is JFK (stop drooling, ladies). Are those Ray-Bans on his head? Anyway, a polo & khakis are always an acceptable, ageless ensemble.

Then there's my favorite Kennedy, Miss Jackie O. She is 100% flawless! A lot of people think "O" (Onassis) is her maiden name, but it's actually her second husband's last name. After JFK was killed, Jackie met shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis & they married. Now that her name is straightened out, let's look at her beauty.

What do we have here? Well that's JFK Jr. of course. You can't really get a good idea of his fashion sense without seeing his body...... am I wrong?

Oh & that's Carolyn Bassette (John Jr.'s wifey). I had to use this picture because I'm in love with her coat. In case you missed it, those two, along with Carolyn's sister, died in a plane crash in 1999.

Then we have the elegant Maria Shriver (yep, still a Kennedy). She is timeless...

For those of you who slept during history class, the Kennedys are like American royalty. No, I don't agree with everything that goes on in their private lives (ahem, which should've been kept private if you ask me), but I think each one of them is completely fascinating. Mrs. Maria Shriver continues to impress paps with her fashion choices & the one & only Jackie O. will always be remembered for her impeccable style. We all know the men are cursed, but ahh... to be a Lady Kennedy....

When you need a new outfit for any occasion, just think about what a Kennedy would wear. You'll never go wrong!


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