Party Planning

Okay, so Hubby is turning 30 this weekend & I've been planning his birthday party for a loooooong time. I'm prematurely going to show you a few things I'm planning for him.

First & foremost, some of the decorations. I've been asking J what his favorite color is (basically since the day we met) & he never gives an answer. I went with black & white. Plus, doesn't the black seem fitting since he's turning 30?

Birthday cakes are traditional, but in my family they've kind of gone by the wayside. In J's family however, some sort of dessert is always made. Upon his request, I will be making a German Chocolate birthday cake... from scratch.

This party is only for a few of J's family members, so I'm not planning a ton of drink ideas & appetizers, but for a few of my party starters, I will have spicy peanuts & chips with dip.

Hubbs decided he would like to spend the evening at a pizzeria, so I will not be showcasing any new dinner recipes, but I promise there are more decor & food pictures to come!!!

Stay tuned for the German Chocolate cake recipe!

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