BH's Easy "Diet" & Exercise Routine

Is it too soon for another post with weightloss tips? I don't think so either.
I'm not one to diet. With Greek & Italian heritage, I'm constantly eating pasta, rice, red meat & everything else weight-loss guru's say to lay off of. Not to mention, even if I do really well on a diet, I ruin it on the weekends with take-out & delicious treats from around the town.
And then I discovered Brett Hoebel on Friday. I've already dropped 3 pounds & the "diet" is incredibly easy.

In case you just joined this blog, I have a vacation scheduled & I'm eagerly trying to lose some weight before jet-setting. I'm excited to get my beach body & prance around in a bikini on sands like these...

An example of a mealplan for me is:
8oz water with lemon juice (upon waking)
1/2 cup oatmeal with cinnamon & berries for breakfast
Rice cake slathered with peanut butter for a snack
Salad with grilled chicken, berries & walnuts for lunch
Apple with cinnamon and/or almond butter for snack

Now dinner varies, I've had a Lean Cuisine, salad, eggs for separate dinners. It's definitely the meal I like to give the most variety to.

Click here for one of Brett's mealplans & here for a second mealplan to get you started.

Honestly, this isn't even like a diet for me. It's all the foods that I normally eat, & it still gives flexibility to throw in somewhat less healthy meals here & there. For example, J's mom made a taco bar for last weekend's get-together. I loaded up my tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes & olives, then used sparingly the hamburger meat & other toppings.

Here's what Brett includes in the diet:
Brown Rice (this includes rice cakes)
Natural nut butters (peanut, almond, hazelnut, etc.)
Lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish)
All veggies

And I have one more treat for you. Brett has created a 5 minute flat belly workout that works like a gem. He claims in 30 days you will be transformed & I believe it! I swear to you that last night J & I agreed my belly is already looking different & it was only 4 days later! I do it twice a day because I'm trying to get in shape quickly & to be quite honest, it's not hard at all so 10 minutes is a piece of cake.

For whatever reason, I cannot embed the video, but click here to go the workout.

Alter your diet & do this video workout & I can guarantee you'll start dropping lbs quickly!

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