How To: Pineapple Carving

How many times have you walked through the fruit market, looked at how cute the little pineapples were, then purchased the already cut & cored pineapple pieces because you don't know where to begin with cutting the whole one? Shame on you! I have a very easy step-by-step guide to carve your very own pineapple. If you do it once, you will never want to buy already chopped pieces again, I promise!

Pick out the cutest pineapple from the store. You'll need a cutting board, a big sharp knife & a not so big knife. Lay the pineapple down like this to cut off the top & bottom.

Now stand the pineapple up, so you can cut it into 4 (somewhat) equal sections.

It's time to core the 4 pieces. Put your knife about where mine is & cut straight down. Sometimes you can see where the core ends & the edible part starts, but sometimes you have to feel for it (it will be a little hard to the touch).

Lay the little 4th down flat (on the piney side) & use your small knife to carve the edible fruit away from the piney side. This might take a little while to figure out how to not mangle your fruit, but by the 4th piece you'll be a pro!

Repeat with the remaining 3 pieces. Then slice the fruit into bite-sized pieces & enjoy!

The difference in taste of the freshly cut pineapple compared to pre-chopped is unbelievable! It is incredibly sweet & juicy. You'll thank me one day...

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