Spray Paint Makeovers

This past weekend has been a total release of creativity.
I've been living in different tiny apartments with Hubby for so long & feel like I can't decorate the way I would if we lived in our own house. It's killing me!
Believe it or not, we actually live in an apartment by choice right now. We want to be able to pick up & leave the second J gets a job offer in a location we want to be in (Texas, Georgia, Chicago, anywhere but here). We don't want any roots keeping us here.
All weekend I've been looking at before & after pictures of peoples homes who have been remodeling & redecorating. I absolutely cannot wait to get my own B&A's on the blog, but until then, I'm starting small (so as not to shock J when he gets home from work every day).

Yesterday, I started with a few old picture frames & some vases I picked up at a thrift store for $1 each. I have a zillion frames that are mismatched (& pricey), but I can't bring myself to throw paint on them just yet... give me a while.

Not only were they not the same frame at all, they were all different shades of silver. I knew a good coat of paint or two would at least make them look good together.

This is literally the easiest thing to do & transform the look of anything. Spray paint! I took out the glass so I was left with just the metal frames. I set the frames outside on large sheets of paper (to protect the grass) & sprayed away- no sanding, priming, or sealing.

I was so spray-happy I forgot to get before pictures of the vases. Trust me, they were just clear, regular vases.

My family room is filled with shades of tans & browns with some black shelving (c'mon! we're newlyweds who mushed our furniture together when we moved in with one another). We desperately need color in this room... ahem, every room, but we'll start with the one we're in most of the time. I love the pop of blue added to such dull, boringness. J said he really liked the look & gave his approval to do anything I want to the apartment as long as he never comes home to find the tv screen spray painted. Deal!

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