Guest Room Switcheroo

J & I have a guest room that's slowly but surely becoming a non-functioning junk collecting room. Any time we clean & can't find a place for something, it ends up on the guest bed or thrown somewhere in the room (not because we're lazy, but we literally have no storage space).
I hate that our apartment doesn't feel like a home sometimes. It's so cramped & what little room we do have is taken over by furniture & necessities.
I decided to do have a serious cleaning out & organizing process.
I took a few before pictures of our disaster of a guest room.

Of course I had to open up my wedding dress bag & make sure everything was still ok ;)

Yes, that is my wedding dress STILL laying on the bed from a year ago. I love that I have easy access to look at it whenever I want, but hate that whenever anyone sleeps over I need to find another safe place for it.
J & I only ever enter this room to exercise & to throw crap in it. I wish it was more functional, but after getting everything in there that we need, there's maybe 10 feet of floor space.
I mapped out where everything could go to get the maximum amount of floor space & this is what I ended up with.

I measured everything in the room & the room itself & was able to at least double the amount of walking space within the room (even with the treatmill unfolded).
And the best news is that I was able to move enough things around in the double closet to fit my wedding dress safely inside (all 10 feet of the train, too)!
I was even able to move a shelving unit that I've been cringing about from my bedroom to the guest room. All in all, I'm very happy with the end result!
If you think your apartment is too small, work with what you've got! Draw it all out on several different pieces of paper & see what will give you the most space. It can't hurt!

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