Little G & The Countryside

J & I took another trip to the country to visit family. This time it was for his sister's birthday. We always enjoy the company & food, but the highlight of our trips is ususally what comes out of our nephew's mouth. Little G is always coming up with ways to make us laugh.

 (Uncle J was spinning him until he was so dizzy he couldn't walk at all)

Little man couldn't wait for cake & ice cream, but after the candles were blown out & he had his very own slice & scoop, I think more ended up on the table & floor than in his mouth.

He's always so full of energy & keeps us all laughing.
On a side note, my in-law's yard is so relaxing & beautiful. They have built a huge deck with comfortable furniture & the yard is full of huge maple trees that shade a lot of the area. It's truly serene. Take a little peak...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Tell me, what did you do? Any plans for this week?

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