Invitations & Stationary

Last year in the midst of losing one of my jobs due to downsizing & returning to school full time I still really wanted to make my own money. I've never been one to depend on other people & the thought of having to rely on J was killing me. Don't get me wrong, J was happy to support both of us, but I had been babysitting & working different jobs since I was a young teen, so the adjustment would be a difficult one.
Among the many things I did, I was a graphic designer for an engineering firm. I wanted to put those skills to use, so I created an invitation business. So far, I have only done wedding invitations & save the dates, but my plan is to expand to doing birthday, shower, & graduation party invites & everything else you could need on paper for any event.
Here are a few examples of invitations I've done recently...

If you know anyone who needs custom invitations, send them my way, I'd be happy to take care of them!

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